This Strange and Familiar Place - Rachel Carter Are you effing kidding me? I've just finished this book and, okay, Rachel Carter. I'm giving this a 4 star rating because, if nothing else, that twist actually hit me like a punch in the gut. I find myself heartbroken by twists fairly often. But it's rare when I feel sucker punched by one. So great job on that alone if nothing else.I'm fairly certain if you enjoyed the first book there's nothing here that would keep you from enjoying this one. I actually enjoyed Book 2 more. 1989 NYC is far more interesting to me than WWII Montauk and the secondary characters I found much more interesting. Getting to know and learn more about Wes and his past was great too. Lots of sweet little romantic moments and a gut punching, tear your heart out twist. Yup. Sounds like something I like.I'm looking forward to Book #3. I am very intrigued as to how Wes ever proves himself/makes up for his betrayal of Lydia.