So Close to You - Rachel Carter I liked, not loved, this book, a solid three stars. I remember reading Caroline Cooney's time travel series as a teen and really loving it. Maybe if I was still an actual teenager I'd feel the same way about this one.I didn't find myself connecting with Lydia in the way that I often do with YA heroines. I didn't understand some of her decisions and found myself, way more often than I normally do, disagreeing with her actions. I'm fairly certain if I got sent back in time I would be worried sick about my family missing me and how they were dealing with that crisis. I'd be doing everything in my power to get back, answers to 70 year old mysteries or not. But I guess then we wouldn't have a book :)Perhaps I also just didn't "connect" with the book in the way that I like to because I'm quite the skeptic and have a general distaste for conspiracy theories/horoscopes etc...?The love story is definitely insta-love. If that sort of thing bothers you then I'd probably recommend staying away from this series. It's not always a deal breaker for me, though. And in this case I did find myself drawn to the sensitive, broody and mysterious Wes. I still thought it was ridiculous that Lydia finds herself "falling in love" with him after a few short days but my heart was still going pitter patter during the romantic scenes in spite of myself. Wes also became 10x more appealing when we find out his secret! I am an absolute sucker for love stories where one or both partners are struggling against forces larger than themselves in order to be together. Especially when they have to overcome a great difficulty, like say, resist the brainwashed instinct to automatically kill their partner. I did not enjoy how Lucas, another soldier, acted as if Lydia owed him her time, attention or feelings. Especially after knowing each other for just several days. No thank you and goodbye, Lucas.I actually found myself not really caring that much about the family members in the past or the World War 2 setting. It just wasn't that interesting to me and I didn't connect to it. Hmmm...there was a lot of "not connecting" in this book...Probably the most appealing parts for me are the romance and whatever is at the heart of the deep mystery of this series (what is the MP actually up to? I'd love to see the MP, the organization, its people and its goals fleshed out more in future books). Still, I find myself eager to start Book 2 tonight and am pretty glad that I didn't have to wait a year after that cliffhanger ending.This is a compelling enough book with a sweet love story. There's a good amount of action mystery and just enough answers to satisfy yet keep you wanting more. I recommend it as long as you don't go in expecting this book to be amazing .