Fragments (Partials, #2) - Dan Wells Wow, what a great follow up to Partials. Fragments has all the action, mystery building (and solving..we get actual answers!), questioning the meaning of humanity (I don't know what more proof I could think of to show that the Partials are just as human as we are than that they war with each other) and subtle romance that you would want in the Partials sequel.Kira's adventures in Manhattan? Thrilling and awesome. Being a New Yorker, I always love to see the city in ruins in my dystopia. Ha.Cross country trip on horseback across the dystopian wasteland to Denver (seriously, why is it always Denver??)? Beyond awesome. I enjoyed every single bit of action and character development in this book. Even new POV's like Marcus, Haru and Ariel's were welcome. I loved Kira more than ever. Look at how fierce and determined this girl is:"I'm not giving up," she said. "It doesn't matter how big the world is. All that gives me is more places to look."For Kira and Samm fans, you will not be disappointed. One of the reasons I enjoy these books so much is that the romance takes a back seat for once and is slowly, subtly and realistically developed. So many little moments of sweetness and, perhaps, one big one :) Definitely no insta-love here. I really loved getting the chapter and a half that we had from Samm's POV. You really feel the camaraderie and family that Samm's given up to help Kira. Ugh. And they go a long way in helping you understand the character."Samm stood stock-still, but any Partial linking with him would have been stopped short by the intensity of his emotions. He wondered if it was true--if Kira really had feelings for him, a Partial, one who'd attacked her people, betrayed her to a madwoman, and caused her more trouble than he cared to think about. A man with barely a year left to live before the Partial expiration date erased his life and his future in a single stroke. He didn't think it was possible." Ugh, my heart can't handle it.Even in his non-POV chapters I enjoyed getting more from him about his personal motivations and philosophy. It really does break your heart in that here is this individual to whom choice means so much, because he's never had one before now. He's spent his entire life in a system of perfect, enforced obedience. Which makes "'I'm sorry for bringing us here, for everything I've done,' she said. I'm so sorry.' 'I chose to follow you,' he said, and his voice was deep and rich. 'And I'll find you again.'" so unbelievably sweet and meaningful. Uggghhhh, 3rd book get into my life immediately.Congrats to Samm for currently holding the lead to be my Book Boyfriend of the Year 2013.Questions in the spoiler tag because I am confused! Please answer if you know! So Nandita was raising Kira, Ariel and Isolde in the attempt to trigger the failsafe in order to get the Partials to release the cure...but someone already did that, which Kira discovered in the last book. But then...somehow now that the RM cure was already released now the girls failsafe has turned into the Partials killer? Is that it? This part loses me. Gah.How on Earth is Delarosa getting a nuclear warhead safely out of New York's bay? Like, seriously, how? And then how is she going to be able to use it against the Partials? Wha?? I'm all sorts of confused.How is Isolde's baby the first human/partial hybrid if Ariel already had a baby? Do you think Kira's father is still out there? I do and I'm hoping he shows up in the final book!