Hopeless - Colleen Hoover Oh. My. God.Dean Holder. I'm dying.I don't normally read books like this but it was literally shoved into my hands by my cousin with a "Read this!" and don't you just love when a book is loved that much? Oh my word...I was not prepared for how steamy and absolutely sexy this book is. *quickly fans self* And my jaw was on the floor with the serious, serious turn the book takes from about 60% finished on. Feminist corner: There is some casual misogyny and slut shaming but not enough to turn me off the story which was really wonderful on the whole. Also, be warned, abuse, trauma, PTSD...all these things are featured in a big way (without giving too much away) so, yes. Fair warning if you can't handle.As a sexual trauma survivor myself, I actually found it really encouraging and refreshing to see these issues addressed in a contemporary/romance book like this. I felt "less alone", you know? To see a character I already identify with and feel connected to go through some of the exact same moments and emotions I've had. Many thanks to the author for helping me feel less alone and more "normal" Heartbreaking, moving, full of courage and perseverance, and utterly unputdown-able. This one gets a big thumbs up from me. I want more Sky and Holder! Seriously, just read it.